Appreciative Inquiry and intra-organisational conversation

Useful insight about the ‘glue’ of emergent superorganisms showing why the linguistic -cultural dimension is important.

From a communication perspective, an organisation is a network of conversations. If we take this as axiomatic, anyone wishing to facilitate change will do well to have some understanding of the role of language in the reality/meaning-making process.

via Appreciative Inquiry | gohbyname Go by nature.

This article also makes an interesting point about how organisations are managed:

Traditional management focusses on what is wrong, on the negative. In my view, this only serves to make us more eloquent and articulate about what’s wrong with our organisations, families, churches, etc. It also breeds a culture of blame.

I think it not only breeds a blame culture but in so doing it de-motivates, and focusses people on watching their backs, building a case for the defence and takes time and energy away from truly productive thought and effort.

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